On Episode 5 of the Adoptee Thoughts Podcast, Guida-Richards talks with Jessica and discusses her experience finding and reuniting with her birth family, her work in mentoring fellow Adoptees, and helpful advice for adoptive parents.


Mentorship at Spence-Chapin: NYC based Mentorship

All Together Now: Brooklyn based Mentorship



Based in New York, Jessica M. Luciere (she/hers), is a mother, photographer, transracial adoptee, and adoptee advocate who has spent 15+ years working with adoptive families from all around the world. Jessica is the President of All Together Now, a mentoring program based in Brooklyn NY, and the Director of the Spence-Chapin Mentorship program in New York City, both serving adoptees and their families. Her involvement in mentorship has given her the opportunity to witness the adoptee experience from many different lenses and learn from all of those within the adoption constellation. This has been the most important work Jessica has done and she continues to develop and grow programming for this community that is so close to her heart.


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