On Episode 11 of the Adoptee Thoughts Podcast, Louise, and host, Melissa Guida-Richards discuss the unique experience as an international adoptee who grew up in an open adoption, coming out of the fog, and more.


Louise's Bio:

Louise Shepherd was born as “Fenny” on the island of Java, in Indonesia in 1982. At 6 months old she was adopted by a white Australian family. It was then her name was changed to Louise.
The family consisted of mum, dad, two biological sons, and then Louise. Two and half years later the family adopted her sister from Seoul, South Korea.
Louise grew up in Adelaide, South Australia. Louise lives on Kaurna Land.
In 2009 Louise completed her Bachelors of Social Work and Social Planning. She is currently working in the Homelessness sector and has previous experience working in Child Protection. Louise feels passionate about many human rights topics, in particular the plight of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.
Louise is mum to one healthy and boisterous, thriving 6-year-old little boy. She enjoys going to the beach, trying different food cuisines, and spending time with friends and family. Louise also says a good afternoon nap never goes astray either.
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